And off we go

Well, today’s the day. Today marks the start, not just the start of the New Year, but the start of getting our figurative crap together. I, well we, as in my wife and I, have a few things we plan to accomplish this year. Like many other Americans, we are overweight, out of shape, in debt, and keep putting off correcting the course we are on. Today that ends. Before this comes off sounding like a New Year’s resolution, it’s important to keep in mind that we have had this date in mind for a few months now. Instead of trying to make major life changes during the holidays, we decided to enjoy them fully, with the target start date being the new year. We spent the last couple months, making a game plan on how we would approach objective. This blog will be dedicated to that journey, as well as other adventures that I partake in as the time rolls by.

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