Week 2 Update

I’m now well into the second week of this new lifestyle change and so far I feel great about it. The diet is a big change, but I’m getting on fine with it. It helps a considerable amount that I’m seeing benefits. We chose the Primal Blueprint for our new lifestyle after reading ‘The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation’ by Mark Sisson.

For anyone unfamiliar, the Primal Blueprint is quite similar to the common Paleo diet with some specific food differences based on more recent research. Unlike Paleo, animal fats and eggs are encouraged, while dairy products are tolerated in reasonable amounts. The main take away though is that we should be getting the bulk of our food from vegetables, and the bulk of our daily calories from animal products. Plus, butter is allowed, and butter is delicious.

Enough about the diet, err, lifestyle change though. I’m not here to preach to anyone about what they should or should not be doing when it comes to exercise or nutrition. I just want to share my journey. Maybe you’ll read something that helps, maybe you won’t.

So back to that. As I said, I’ve began to see some changes, and that’s promising. Over the past 12 days I’ve lost just north of 8 pounds. I have been weighing myself daily and have seen some pretty significant fluctuations. For instance, 4 days in, the scale said I was down 7 lbs. However, day 5, I was back up a couple pounds, and it’s proceeded to bounce around ever since, although it is trending down. I suppose that’s all that matters. My guess is that these are just natural fluctuations based on variables such as water intake, macro nutrient differences, and restroom frequency. As long as the overall trend continues down, I’ll be happy. I am going to continue to weigh myself daily though, as I feel like personally, this keeps me on track. I believe I am more likely to pay closer attention to what I’m doing if I see results I don’t love, regardless of whether I can control them or not.

While actual weight is the big change people wonder most about, there are some other changes that have taken place. I haven’t taken complete measurements since the beginning, a couple quick reference measurements showed some slight size changes, and I feel like my shirts/jackets are fitting a little less snug. The biggest and most noticeable change for me so far though, has been related to digestion. In September of 2015 I started having some pains, which I now realize to be digestive issues. I had been having a substantial amount of heartburn, then one day I began having what I recognized as chest pain. While I am young, it’s still quite scary, especially when you’re very overweight. This was soon followed with back and abdominal pain. After several trips to the hospital and doctors, a gall bladder removal, and an upper GI scope, it was determined that I had H. Pylori and just needed antibiotics. After doing the full regiment of the treatment, I felt slightly better, but not cured. I now believe it probably has more to do with my diet, weight, and the pressure caused by them more than anything else. Regardless, I continued having heartburn, almost daily/nightly the entire time, up until January 2nd, 2017. Interestingly this was the day after we tossed all of our processed food, and switched to a whole food diet eschewing grains and sugars. While that may very well be a coincidence, I don’t believe that to be the case.

Either way, here we are, and I’m just going to keep going. We have a concert we are attending in mid-February and I’m planning to allow myself a cheat meal then if things go well. That’s about 1.5 months from our start date. We’ll see.

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